Conference 'ML, Explain Yourself!'

Apr 10, 2024 — Apr 12, 2024
Utrecht, the Netherlands

ML, Explain Yourself! is a 3-day conference in Utrecht, the Netherlands, organized by the Normative Philosophy of Science Lab at Utrecht University and Eindhoven University of Technology. It is the capstone conference for the Dutch Research Council Veni project: Explain yourself!? The scope of understanding and explanation from machine learning. The conference will bring together philosophers and computer science researchers to discuss issues in machine learning surrounding decision support, scientific discovery, generalization, explanation, idealization, reliability, values, trust, and other areas in normative philosophy of science.


Registration is free but required. Registration includes a wine and beer reception on April 12.

Schedule (subject to change)

Day 1

10th AprilDrift 21 (room 0.32), 3512 BR Utrecht
14:00—14:10Welcome and coffee
14:10—15:10Keynote Nava Tintarev
15:30—16:10Alex Mussgnug
Convenience ML: When Science Becomes a Playground
16:10—16:50Sara Pernille Jensen
ML Models as Phenomenological Models - Traditional Problems Call for Traditional Solutions
16:50—17:30Tom Sterkenburg
The Epistemic Core of Machine Learning
17:30End Day 1

Day 2

11th AprilBoothstraat 7, 3512 BT Utrecht
09:00—09:20Welcome and coffee
09:20—10:00Dana Matthiessen
Understanding Through Coordinated Practices: Uses of Deep Learning Algorithms in Structural Biology
10:00—10:40Mariana Vitti Rodrigues
Explanatory Inference, Understanding, and Protein Language Models
11:00–11:40Benjamin Smarr
Learning from the Machine’s Mistakes: A Numerical Landscape Approach to Addressing Biomedical ML Bias
11:40—12:20Timo Freiesleben & Sebastian Zezulka
Science as a Kaggle Challenge: How Benchmarking Impacts Scientific Methodology
13:45–14:25Cordelia Berz
The Logic of Counterfactuals: Desiderata for Explanations of Algorithmic Decisions
14:25–15:05Adam Mehdi Arafan
Human-Centered Value Alignment with Counterfactuals: A New Metric for Trading-off Decision Paralysis with Explainable Counterfactual Reasoning
15:45–16:30Caroline von Klemperer
Machine Learning and The Ethics of our Cognitive Lives
16:30–17:30Lauren Ross
17:00End Day 2

Day 3

12th AprilBoothstraat 7, 3512 BT Utrecht
09:15—09:30Welcome and coffee
09:30—10:10Jens Ulrik Hansen & Paula Quinon
The Importance of Expert Knowledge in Large Language Models
10:10—10:50Paula Muhr
Automating Image-Based Diagnosis of Functional Neurological Disorder: Challenges and Implication
11:10—11:50Aleks Knoks & Thomas Raleigh
Opacity, Explainability and Simplifying Models
11:50—12:30Yeji Streppel
The Value Demarcation Problem in Machine Learning
14:00–15:00Zack Lipton
15:30–16:10Oliver Buchholz
Against Objectivism about Explanation - In Machine Learning and Beyond
16:10–17:00André Curtis-Trudel, Darrell Rowbottom, and Tjonnie Li
On Finding What You’re Not Looking For: Prospects and Challenges for DL-Driven Discovery
18:00End Day 3


Program Committee

  • Emily Sullivan, Utrecht University
  • Yeji Streppel, Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Kaush Kalidindi, Eindhoven University of Technology
Yeji Streppel
Yeji Streppel
PhD Candidate
Kaush Kalidindi
Kaush Kalidindi
PhD Candidate