Human Control, Behavior Change, and AI

Image created with DALL·E by OpenAI (prompt: a scary photo of HAL 9000)

Digital technologies offer great potentials to facilitate better decisions and outcomes, but they also raise ethical challenges and can undercut important human values.

Digital technologies permeate our lives, leverage large amounts of data and computational power, and automate a multitude of different tasks. These technologies can influence and augment human agency and lead to better decisions and outcomes. However, they could also undercut a range of important values. In fact, these technologies might even disrupt how we conceive of these values in the first place.

ECPAI researchers investigate whether and how digital technologies influence human behaviour, interact with human values, and how we ought to shape the development, deployment, and governance of these technologies in order to harness their potentials while simultaneously ensuring that they remain under human control.

Associated Researchers

  • Andreas Spahn
  • Andreij Dameski
  • Diego Morales Pérez
  • Gunter Bombaerts
  • Lily Frank
  • Matthew J. Dennis
  • Patrik Hummel (Area)
  • Philip J. Nickel
  • Roxanne van der Puil